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Cats and Cat Care

I enjoy cats and cat care is something that I know a great deal about as I have had cats most of my life. Cats are pretty independent but they also need care. It is best to read up on cat care before you decide to adopt an animal as cats are fairly sensitive to their environment and they don’t like change. Your cat will need some time when you bring him or her home. Don’t expect to see too much of them over the first few days as they need to adjust to a new environment. Simply feed the cat and give them access to water and they will eventually venture out and enjoy the family. I had a cat who took one month to come out of hiding!

When you are adopting a new cat it is best to be prepared with the supplies you will new like a litter pan, it can be fairly small if you have a kitten, you can get a larger one later, a food and water dish…and also cat litter of course. I try to give my kitties a piece of cat furniture in the home, a high spot they can call their own. A cat tree, or window sling that can be attached to a window is excellent for these purposes. Introduce a new cat into a home with care, especially if there are other animals in the home. Read an article about how to best introduce a new feline into a home with other animals. I have had cats who ended up best friends with a dog already in the household.

Your cat likes attention, but let them initiate it. I find it it is best to let them come to you and interact with you, as cats by nature are solitary creatures and like to spend a good deal of time alone. This does not mean that they do not like and enjoy contact with people, and many cats are quite sociable. In general, the more they have been around people in the early part of their life, the more sociable they will be. In fact some cats enjoy playing fetch with their owners, and will initiate play especially if it is modeled for them by other pets that might be in the house. I have a cat that loves fetch!! One of my favorite things to do is to put my bluetooth headphones on (beware – cats love cables), turn up the music, and play with my cat. Although some people think it is cruel to keep their cat indoors, in fact the opposite is true. Cats do much better when they are kept indoors, and don’t have to face the hazards that life in the outdoors can bring. They also should not need flea and trick preventative if they are kept indoors. I have found if you treat your cat well and tend to them, they will be great companions.

Self-Love and Self-Esteem

How to Develop Self Love and Improve Self Esteem in an Increasingly Negative World

Life can be tough. At times, it can seem like we have no power to control our emotions, our environment, or the increasingly negative world in which we all live. We live in a society that is ravaged by crime, poverty, addiction, stress, and distraction. In order to effectively live within this rapidly modernizing and declining social and economic structure, we must first realize that we are all equipped with all of the necessary tools to begin developing a set of simple practices that can have immediate positive effects on ourselves, our environment, our relationships, and our perceptions by which we view the world.

Self Empowerment Begins with Self Love

Before entering into any type of practice, it is important to begin doing the practices that can teach your subconscious and conscious minds to work in unison toward the goal of increasing your self love and self esteem. Many historical teachings, philosophies, and spiritual doctrines hint at this as well. In fact, it is nearly impossible to enjoy your life or your relationships with others unless you develop a solid sense of self worth, appreciation, and love for yourself. Although it may appear at times that this can be difficult in our current world and state of affairs, it is definitely achievable through a few simple to understand principles.

The Mirror Exercise – 5 Minutes of Mastery

Many philosophers, religious leaders, successful individuals, and relationship counselors have hinted on the power of the eyes as being the “gateway into the soul”. Think about falling in love or making successful communication with another. Think of the way it can feel when you look into the eyes of another or when your loved ones look deeply into your eyes.

As you stare into your own eyes each morning or evening before bed, you need to develop a sense of love and compassion for yourself. You need to accept your flaws, you need to honestly and earnestly look into your own eyes the same way you would of your lover or someone you deeply cared for.

Then, while gazing into your own eyes, begin to compliment your self with honest compliments about all of the things within yourself that you could love. Even if you think there is nothing about yourself that you could love, I am certain that if you thought about it you COULD easily find things about yourself, qualities, that are worthy and deserving of appreciation, love, and respect.

The key part of this practice is to come up with genuine compliments that actually highlight a real quality, not just empty compliments like “you’re awesome”, or “you’re sexy”. They must be real compliments.

If you have a good work ethic, you could say “I love you because of the way you so diligently work toward and achieve your tasks”. If you help others, then you could say “I love you for the way you jump in and try to help others each and every day”. If you are intelligent, or perceive yourself to be, you could say “I love you for your increasing intellect and your great problem solving skills”.

When you attach honest meaning to a compliment, it has a dramatic effect on the retention of this in your subconscious. Through life, we respond to positive compliments the most and they more readily burned into our memory by how they make us feel. When you practice this same concept on yourself you bolster your self-esteem and self love in ways that no external source could EVER provide.

Benefits of Using Bath Bombs

benefits of using bath bombs

What are Bath Bombs?

Bath bombs, also known as bath fizzy is a fizzing tablet or ball used in the bath. The active ingredients, citric acid and baking soda create a chemical reaction in the water causing the release of carbon dioxide which result in production of bubbles like those in champagne. This carbon dioxide gets dissolved in the water to produce the bubbles, crackles and the froth which makes them fun to use. Optional ingredients such as salts, moisturizers, and essential oils can be added.


Bath bombs are used with hydrotherapy to treat flu-like symptoms. There are a few ways in which bath bombs help with the effectiveness of hydrotherapy. Bath bombs contain key ingredients which help in cleansing and moisturizing your skin. For example, they contain cleansing agents such as sea salts that help to cleanse the body hence making it clean and smooth. Besides, they contain almond oil which is a powerful agent in moisturizing the skin.

Baking Soda

Bath bombs contain baking soda whose main purpose is to cause a chemical reaction that causes the fizzing effect. Apart from being soothing to the skin, baking soda can be used to treat skin disorders such as eczema. The ingredient is also essential in assisting in drainage of the lymphatic system. This greatly aids in fighting off flu as draining the lymphatic system eliminates toxins from the body hence strengthening the immune system.

Epsom Salt:

When making bath bombs, an ingredient known as Epsom salt can be added . Epsom salts help in the remedy of sore and achy muscles. Epsom salt is a source of magnesium and sulfate. The magnesium reduces swelling and relieves pain. Besides, this salt makes the body detoxify by drawing toxins from the body while also relieving stress and muscle tension.

Essential Oils:

When making bath bombs, essential oils, scents and fragrances are other optional ingredients that can be added for extra benefits. These oils will revive and rejuvenate and the mix of the oil scents is really soothing and uplifting to the senses and the body. The essential oils help in the treatment of many health conditions including cold and flu. The best combination of oils for fighting flu are lavender, ginger and tea tree added in equal parts. The ginger increases blood circulation hence raising the body temperature which then fights off the virus. The tea tree is important in helping to ease chest and nasal congestion. Lavender on the other hand is a natural sedative for the central nervous system which help in relaxation of the mind and calming the mind hence allowing one to have better sleep at night. These oils are good for relieving stress, anxiety, as well as calming the body and mind. This combination can be added when making bath bombs and be given to family members or friends who are ill.

Bath bombs can make a great gift for just about anyone. So, using bath bombs can be a good way of cleansing your body with optimum relaxation. Unlike soaps, the products added to bath bombs release fragrance and crackle when they are dissolved in the water so the experience is quite rejuvenating.


This is where I get my essential oils. Little bit more expensive than other sources but they’re high-quality.

Finding the Purrrrfect Feline Companion

look at this funny cat

“I want to buy a cat.” I heard that at least once a month when I coordinated the cat section at a local shelter. I correct them gently, “Well, let me help you adopt a cat.” We buy objects. We adopt new family members.

Once relegated to mice duty in barns, cats have become a favorite indoor companion for many families. Nearly one-third of all households include at least one cat, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. Indoor cats can live up to 20 years while the average life span of an outdoor feline is about two years. When looking for that perfect feline companion be ready for a commitment.

Here are some things to consider:

Do I want a kitten or an older cat? Kittens are fun, cute and mischievous. They need to be trained to not scratch the furniture or bite fingers, and they need attention and play time. I once had a family return a cat because it was too affectionate and wanted too much of their time. If you have a busy schedule, consider an older cat. They mellow out at about three years old. Consider a cat with a low-key personality. I would promote “window sill” cats, who were demure and aloof, not wanting to be held or petted too often. This worked for one woman who lived alone and just wanted a quiet companion.

Where should I look? Cats are anywhere. The neighbor whose cat just had another litter is ready to give them away. Your local pound has cats on “death row”. No-kill shelters need to adopt out cats to make room for more. What you are getting for what you pay? That neighbor’s cat is free, but will cost hundreds of dollars for tests, shots, de-worming and a spay or neuter. Pounds often charge a small fee, but find out specifically what that covers. No-kill shelters often charge a higher fee, but you get a lot of bang for your buck. Our shelter charged about $100, but that included testing, de-worming, all shots, spay or neuter, a bath, flea treatment and a return policy for the cat’s life time.

Do I want a pure bred cat? Pure breeds hold a certain appeal, but they can be expensive. Research the breed for temperament and health issues. Find a responsible breeder who raises cats “under foot” or in a household. Cats from mills kept in cages won’t have the necessary social conditioning, something mother cats pass on to their offspring. Breed-specific rescue groups specialize in saving abandoned or unwanted cats. These volunteers are passionate and know the background of a particular animal. Finally, shelters do get pure breeds, especially siamese and rag dolls. Check their web sites or asked to be called if a particular breed comes in.

Am I willing to adopt a special needs cats? Shelters have older cats (cats are considered seniors after age 6 or 7) and cats with feline leukemia or other medical needs such as diabetes or thyroidawe cute cat conditions. A senior cat is perfect for a quiet home, especially if there is an older person with mobility issues. They are less likely to rub against legs or jump in front of them. Until recently, even no-kill shelters would euthanize leukemia positive cats, but now they adopt them out as only cats or to homes with other leukemia-positive cats. Feline leukemia is highly communicable between cats, but a positive cat can live many years with no symptoms. Some shelters have a “permanent foster” program. You give the cat a home, but the shelter retains ownership and provides all the medical care at no cost. If you are willing to put the time and effort into these cats, it can be a very rewarding and cheap solution.

These are few things to consider before adopting a feline friend. You can find out more with just a little research. The more you know before heading out to the shelter or breeder, the more likely you will be able to commit to an adopted cat for its life time and be happy with your new feline friend.

The Appealing Side of Living a Glamorous Life

Life becomes more meaningful if one takes time to focus on the reality of life and what it entails to live a better, enjoyable, luxurious, and comfortable life. The word glamor describes more of such a lifestyle where one is able to see life from a real perspective and enjoy what it offers on a bigger and better platform.

Being glamorous in life involves a lot of things put together:

  • It is being much comfortable with life and the role that one has to play in this world.
  • It involves both the outward and inward appearances.
  • It is the combination of mind and intellect, sense of humor and composure in life.
  • In this article, I explain and go in more depth regarding the appealing side of living a glamorous life.
    stay healthy!

Through my life, I have always desired to live a better and more comfortable life by doing some of the most important things that life entails. This involves taking good care of my body, my health and the environment within me. A glamorous life brings about quality living and enjoyment of every single moment that I spend and this must come from the way I take good care of my health. In simple understanding, it is important for me to watch on my weight and be keen on the foods that I take every day. There is need to live a perfect life by taking the right foods that have the best nutrients and those that take good care of the entire body. Fruits too are always part of my diet and they offer the best balanced body to ensure that I never have to visit the hospital for treatments.

A glamorous life is achieved by keeping the body clean and taking good care of hygiene and the whole body. It involves brushing the teeth at least twice a day and taking time to spend in the shower everyday in order to clean the body from dirt and sweat. It is a quality life that helps the body to maintain its perfect health. It is a simple way of appreciating everyday. Taking time to exercise everyday no matter the busy schedules is much important. Exercises are highly recommended when it comes to improving the general conditions of the body. It is a way to improve the body’s strength and to remain energized throughout the day. It offers the body a chance to get rid of other impurities, chemicals and excess fatsbuy a new car every so often! from the body.

A glamorous life involves taking time to have some pleasure and great entertainment in the beach, club or even in the theaters. It is nice to buy nice things. You only get one life so live it up – you can’t take your money with you when you’re gone! Buy a new car. Buy a pet. Buy a flat screen TV. Buy some thousand dollar headphones! It is important you treat yourself, together with the spouse, with some cool toys, some moments of soothing music, dancing, movies or swimming and basking in the hot sun.

Going for vacation in the tropical climates is another perfect way to have a better life. It is a perfect approach to great enjoyments and learning more about life. It also involves eating some well preparedvacation with your spouse! cuisines from different ethnic tribes of the world. There is also need to help the needy and spare time to make their live worth living. It offers one the opportunity of glorifying their maker and appreciating what He has done in their lives. All there are some of the most appealing things that make life more comfortable and worth living.